TER is excited to announce that we have moved the Society's planned listserv to our own website as of February 15, 2004, and all members are now able to communicate with all other members of the Society. 

In order to post a message or query to the membership, send an e-mail to "terlist@ter-law.org" for immediate distribution.  Please note that this is a closed E-mail list; only members subscribed to the list by the site administrator may post to the list.  Posts must originate from a subscribed E-mail address.

If you are unable to post to the list and think you should have posting privileges, send an E-mail to the Executive Director, Alan Tepper, at director@ter-law.org.

The E-mail list's initial population was based on E-mail records we have for members, without regard to status.  Please note that as of March 15, 2004, this list will be trimmed to include only members in good standing as of that date.  If you have not paid 2005 Society dues and want to be included in the listserv (and the LawNet directory), please be sure to return your dues invoice with payment to ensure receipt in the National Office by March 15, 2005.