2004 Dues Billing Procedures

At the recent National Council Meeting held in Sinder Island FL, the Council returned all dues billing operations to the National Office.  This will permit the National Office to better track member contact information so that the Society can continue to deliver timely information to our members.

If you are required to pay Society dues in 2004, you will receive a single dues statement from the National office in the amount of $85.00.  All dues should be remitted to the National Office.  The National Office will calculate and forward any portion of dues collection that are attributed to local graduate chapter dues.

If you are exempt from paying dues (either age 70+ as of January 1, 2004 or a sitting judge, or joined the Society after September 1, 2003), please consider making a voluntary contribution to the organization, so that we can continue to provide our full range of benefits and activities for your use and enjoyment.

Please remit all dues payments and/or voluntary contributions to:

1951 Old Cuthbert Rd  Ste 413
Cherry Hill NJ  08034