October 2008

Dear Friends:

            As this is written, Election Day is on our minds (whoever wins or loses, we will all celebrate the cessation of the political commercials!), and, at least in Philadelphia and Tampa , we are in the throes of World Series fever (an extremely rare phenomenon in both cities)!

But let me try to push both sports and politics from my mind and, in the style of another famous David (not the one who posed for Michaelangelo), I will now list:

The Top Ten Things That Will Be Missed By Those Who Miss TER’s 2008 December Convention:

#10.     The chance to get to know, hear and learn from Vanderbilt U. Law Dean Edward L. Rubin, a warm personality and dynamic speaker;

 #9.       The fun of a singing, “roasting” and loving tribute to Sy and Sylvia Kivitz at the Closing Dinner;

 #8.       A reprise of the famous TER Drinking Song led by The Chancellor and his bodacious banjo;

 #7.       New Year’s Eve with “The Capitol Steps” and the friendliest people;

 #6.       The excitement of hearing about our new chapter at Michigan State U. ;

 #5.       The laughter and groans caused by the dozens of raunchy, silly jokes told in the Hospitality Suite;

 #4.       The five “S’s”: Sun, Sand, Spa and Swimming at the pool and beach of The Singer Island Florida Oceanfront Resort ;

 #3.       The good food, great shopping and latest movies, theatre, museums and restaurants nearby from Palm Beach (to the south) to Jupiter (to the north);

 #2.       The ocean and waterway views from your hotel balcony (at only $155 per night in Holiday Season); and

 #1.       The camaraderie and warmth of being with your friends and family at Chanukah time and supporting the only national organization of Jewish lawyers.

             But it’s not too late!  You need not miss all of the above.  Call Alan Tepper now at 609.864.1838 and get registered!

 Best wishes,

David H. Marion


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