To:    Members of Tau Epsilon Rho Law Society


Please take notice that the National Council will take up the following proposed amendments to the Society's constitution at the 2006 Midyear National Council Meeting on May 5, 2006:


1.    To amend Article IV, Section 4, Paragraph C(1) to provide:

        "A quorum shall comprise three (3) National Officers of the
        Society plus three (3) delegates or Past Chancellors."

2.    To amend the Constitution by removing Article IV, Section 4,
       Paragraphs C(1) and (2) from the Constitution and, to move
       the quorum requirements to the Bylaws, instead, by adding
       a new "Section IX - Meetings" to the Bylaws, appending the
       deleted sections as Section IX (A) - Quorum paragraphs  
       (1) and (2).  Current Section IX will be redesignated Section X.

3.    To amend the introductory paragraph of Article IX, Section 4
       in its entirety to read:

        "The secretary shall post the proposed constitutional amendment, as
        approved without change, on the Tau Epsilon Rho Law Society website at least
        ten days prior to final consideration of the proposal at a meeting of the National